Kanye West Vs. Van Lathan

It takes a lot of courage to say what Van Lathan said! Very proud of him! Opinions are good but facts are better activists are involved in killings of black on black crimes just like white killings of blacks. Activist are in impoverished neighborhoods everyday trying to make a difference. The funny thing is you will never hear 👂 about it! Why? Mainstream media Vs. Non-mainstream media. People who are making changes in urban communities are not headlined in the news. However negative comments from Kanye West about slavery, activist and his emotional instability are Trending!!! Who gains from this? Van Lathan said it best! Honestly Kanye if you love everybody so much, why haven’t you done anything for your home town Chicago. Meanwhile 300 people are shot on the weekends. Why have you not use your influence to make a change at home first.

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