Product / Service #1

Blogs, Books, Manuscripts, Scripts, Screenplays, Research, Memoirs, Reports, Surveys, Personal Branding, Horoscopes, Web-content and Case Study.

Product / Service #2

Writing content for websites, About page, Articles, Biographies and Branding

Product / Service #3

Business letter, Business plan, Company history, Editor, Ghostwriter, Magazines, Newsletter, Memo, Marketing, Opinion Piece, Proposal, Proofreading, Speech, Tagline, Storyboard and Press Release


Writing is a useful tool for thinking, expression, and creativity.

  1. Ad Copy (from simple banner ad text to commercial scripts)
  2. Annual Reports
  3. Biographies (such as for executive profiles on the company's site)
  4. Blog Posts for Company Blogs
  5. Brochures
  6. Business Letters
  7. Business Plans
  8. Case Studies
  9. E-books
  10. Marketing Plans
  11. Media Advisories
  12. Media Kits
  13. Newsletters
  14. Packaging Copy
  15. Postcards
  16. Presentations
  17. Press Releases
  18. Product Descriptions
  19. Product Manuals
  20. Sales Letters
  21. Slogan Development
  22. Social Media Profiles
  23. Trade Magazine Features
  24. Web Copy
  25. White Papers
  26. Ghost Writing
  27. Critique Patner


Blogs, books, Screenplays,Manuscripts, Case Study,Research,White Papers, Slogan Development and Horoscopes


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